I used to have a house

And now I don’t. Getting over that is no simple task.

The feeling is reminiscent of the movie Wendy & Lucy. “You can’t get a address without an address. You can’t get a job without a job.”  In our North American culture our jobs, neighbourhoods/homes and who we know gives us identity. When two out of three of those are up in the air, cue uncertainty.

Transition is taboo. Not a popular topic. It has hints of grieving. There are stages you go through and everyone wants to know when you’re done.

 A little bird just hit the window. And that made me feel purposeful. Cause I was big and could help get it out of harms way (the nearby nesting robin was attacking it). So I took it to a safe place until it was out of shock.

Ironic. One bird attacking another one cause it was a threat even in its weakened state.

I am a little bird. Injured, with no nest to call its own and no sight of a good tree to make one in.

I used to have a house. I’m going to go check on the bird.

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One thought on “I used to have a house

  1. Thanks for writing. I appreciate you.

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